Work stage 4: Construction


The architect will help you evaluate the tenders received, and, when construction starts, ad as your independent advisor during building work, liaising with the builder but independent of him, and inspecting the work at intervals on your behalf to ensure that it is being carried out generally in accordance with the contract documents. Your architect will advise you on stage payments during the project, and will not certify payments unless the work complies with the specifications. During construction, it is best that you do not give instructions directly to the contractor, because what can seem a simple change may have cost and time implications not easily foreseen. If you think you do need to make changes, discuss these with your architect to make sure that they are necessary and so that any additional cost can be established and controlled.┬áRemember that the architect is not the builder, and does not supervise the work-that is the builder’s job.┬áRemember, too, that the architect’s provision of Opinions on Compliance with Planning and Building Regulations is subject to the work not being changed during construction. During the construction stage the architect administers the building contract as your agent but s/he is legally required to act fairly between you and the builders.┬áRemember that the builder is in business to make a profit. Your relationship with the builder should be on a business basis. The architect’s work continues after the building work is finished, as part of the payment due to the builder is held back for up to twelve months and is only paid out, on the architect’s instruction, after any defects have been rectified by the contractor.