Work Stage 1: Initial Design

Sketch DesignThe architect’s work begins with an analysis of your requirements. S/he will relate your needs and quality standards to your budget. The success of your project depends in large measure on the quality of your brief- your description to your architect of what you need from the building. This information enables your architect to develop a design related to your needs and wishes.¬†Agreeing a realistic budget for your project is an important part of Work Stage 1. It maybe that your needs cannot be met within the available budget or market conditions may make achieving your budget difficult. If your budget is fixed you should make this clear to your architect at the start. If you require a particular standard of kitchen or other fittings and finishes you should discuss this with your architect. If, because of these or other similar factors, a cost cannot be established at this stage your architect will use the RIAI Cost Guidelines to arrive at an initial estimate of building cost.